X-Cart Pro discontinued, as announced a year ago

Ksenia Emelyanova
Ksenia Emelyanova,

As promised a year ago we’re discontinuing the maintenance of X-Cart Pro (don’t confuse with X-Cart Platinum!) on September, 25th 2013. It means no new ready-made patches ( bug-fixes, upgrade patches and security patches) for Pro, we just ‘freeze’ your ‘File Area’ at its current state. This step will help us to concentrate on the development and maintenance of the existing products.

It is worth mentioning that technical support will be available anyway.

Important is that we do not insist on license exchange and/or software upgrade . If you own an X-Cart Pro license, and thus run an X-Cart Pro based store, visit this page for details. In brief, probably no steps at all will be required from you. But should you decide to exchange the license, there are 2 options – GoldPlus ( FREE!) and Platinum ( with a $100 discount, the offer is valid till September, 25th, to get your discount please contact sales@x-cart.com).

If you need a multy-vendor solution for a new project, consider X-Cart Platinum, its functionality is over and above Pro’s one!

With upgrade or exchange questions, or just to say hi, please email to sales@x-cart.com.