Back from Chicago: full of inspiration and ideas

Ksenia Emelyanova
Ksenia Emelyanova,

X-Cart team is back from Chicago. IRCE 2013 and Beer Meeting 2013 are behind. It was an interesting and productive trip. And thanks to you, our dear customers, merchants, developers and partners, we’re full of energy, inspiration and ideas.



Maxim Vydrin
Maxim Vydrin X-Cart CEO.

“I want to say that it was a great meeting. It’s a pleasure to talk to all of you. Most of the conversations were very useful for me and I hope for you too ) I believe, that we need to meet more often, it will help us to coordinate our strategy with our partners and customers, explain our goals and get feedbacks. “

Mike White
Mike White X-Cart Community VIP: Babymonkey Studuos

“…First off, I’ve got to say it was an absolute blast at the X-cart Beer meeting in Chicago. We had a great mix of both developers and merchants, even some vendors like and EWD Hosting were in attendance. The setting was casual at first, everyone got a good chance to mingle and network. I was distributing commemorative t-shirts and beer tickets so I got a good chance to walk around meet most of those that attended. For me it was a little like the who’s who of the X-cart world. To name a few of the legendary people that attended: Bill Brewer from Altered Cart (wjbrewer), Carrie and Brandon Saunders from BCSE, Emerson Noguiera from EWD Hosting, Alex Skorohodov from Kosmos Central, Steve Stoyanov from CFL Systems, Conor Treacy from Hands-On Web Hosting, and Jeremy from Mommy Makeup(carpeperdiem). Of course, let’s not forget our wonderful hosts Alex Mulin (ambal) and Maxim Vydrin (xim). All of these guys make the X-cart forums and community a great place to be a part of and made our beer meeting a rousing success! As I said the night started with networking, a few beers and appetizers, but it ended with a bang! After 10:30 the super cool restaurant/bar turned into a nightclub, they had a great DJ and an excellent atmosphere to party in. Once the Kentucky Bourbon started flowing, the rest of the night turned into a very pleasant yet hazy memory…. Thanks everyone for coming and making the meeting a success. It was great meeting everyone in person, now we really can put faces with names, and know there are real people out there who care.I look forward to working with you guys for many years to come. Till next year!”.

Emerson Nogeira
Emerson Nogueira X-Cart Community VIP: EWD Hosting & Total Server solutions

What an amazing week it was to attend IRCE and most important be able to share ideas with our community’s most outstanding members. It was great meeting with all of the X-Cart guys as well as everyone we get to talk to online on a daily basis. I have learned a lot from the show and from being able to have conversations with everyone. I hope this is going to be a regular event. Meeting old friends and making new ones was the highlight for me personally.

Conor Treacy
Conor Treacy X-Cart Community VIP: HandsOnWebHosting

“…A little exhausted but a very worthwhile trip. Great to meet so many of the X-Cart Community that have built the forums (and products) from the ground up. For years I’ve communicated with a number of people via email and phone, but to finally sit down (or stand) and both the name, face and attitudes in person together, it just makes it so much easier to communicate on the forums. Not a bad person in the whole bunch! Happy to meet with Alex and Max again, and thrilled to finally chat with Eugene (ene) face to face. Thanks again for being included in another successful event – looking forward to next year already!”

Jeremy Roberts
Jeremy Roberts “I had an amazing week. I’m exhausted, yet inspired to follow up on the countless amount of knowledge learned.

It was a pleasure to hang with others in the x-cart community, and a big shout-out to Max and Alex for making the gathering happen. If anyone’s wondering, the conference was amazing. Smart person after smart person sharing their expertise… what a great community we have. And yes, we were permitted to jump tracks.”

Steve Stoyanov
Steve Stoyanov X-Cart Community VIP:CFL Systems, Inc.

“Oh well… it’s all over… let’s do it again next year.Now it’s time to go back to work I guess…It was great meeting all of you guys. I enjoyed it. Thanks QT.”

Alex Scorohodov
Alex Skorohodov X-Cart Community VIP: Kosmos Central

“…It was a pleasure meeting x-cart partners and the x-cart team that was able to travel to Chicago. X-Cart has been doing some amazing things with the shopping cart, and are continually staying ahead of the market. The Kosmos team loves working with X-cart and is excited about the new updates that are coming out and having the ability to provide feedback that will not fall on deaf ears.”

Some photos from IRCE

I’ve been hunting high and low for good photos from this event. But there are not that many photos for a simple reason: Max, Alex and Mike were as busy as a bee there, asking and answering questions, making acquaintances, exchanging business cards. They still caught several moments:


Some photos from Beer Meeting

Again,there are not that many photos. Aha, for a simple reason: Max, Alex and Mike were terribly busy -just like at the IRCE itself, asking and answering questions. And of course drinking beer – how could we do without a pint or two of beer during the event called ‘Beer Meeting”?


Local Beer Meeting

While the guys were in Chicago, our hearts were with them=) Friday Evening

Makes sense?

We’re sure it does. Meeting in person is way more informative, practical and convenient than communication via email, skype or even by phone. Ability to discuss this or that question face to face is a rare opportunity when you’re on different continents. That’s why every spare minute was not spare at all – Max and Alex were absorbing every quantum of info even through the skin, not speaking about eyes and ears. And seeing Maxim’s shining eyes even now, when a week passed, I believe, we can move mountains. We’re passionate about making X-Cart better than ever. New, cute, fresh and orange like a citrus fruit!

Update: Thanks to Emerson Nogueira, some more photos available on our Facebook page, this is a link to album.