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Webinar Video: 'Easy way to capture Chinese e-market'. webinar with KK Chen, VP of Pilibaba

Helen Tarkhanova's picture
Posted by Helen Tarkhanova,
China appears to be 'terra incognita' for outlandish merchants. Dongkai KK Chen, VP of International Business at Pilibaba, will share his own staggering experience in winning Chinese hearts and minds. He will also give you 6 tips, which could help you to blow up Chinese market. «...»

Security Alert: image-processing vulnerabilities

Anna Shvetsova's picture
Posted by Anna Shvetsova,
In the age of extensive development of IT technologies, I bet you have already found yourself in the situation when you would completely agree with Gene Spafford's statement. Recently, vulnerabilities have been detected in two most popular graphic libraries, Image Magick and GD library, so almost all websites processing graphics are at risk.«...»